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Tuesday, December 14, 2010
I just came back. Yes, at this timing with which I think my mummy's not gonna talk to me tomorrow. Oh-oh.
Anyways, I had early dinner with Azhar's mom, sisters and granny at Bedok, seafood yumyum just now. Afterwhich we went on to meet his brother and wife at Marina Center for Chachos, western yumyum. Boyfriend and me went off first since he has work at 11, so we took the cab and alight at Tamp. Int and off we went our separate ways.

And oh my god, the queue for 969 was freaking long and I had to wait for the next bus. Initially I thought of waiting for the third bus but because I was supposed to be home by 10plus, I still aboard the second bus and stood all the way to Yishun. Poor me :(

Moving on, so yesterday my elder brother suggested we go to Safra Yishun for some bowling session after so long of not playing. Neither of us brought any camera, so no pictures sadly. But nevertheless, I have to say it was really FUN! I missed the bonding we used to have where we always go have a game or two of bowl. But I hope, now it's back? Hahaha!

Everyone was so supportive and I bet all of us enjoyed the 3 game in row 'competition'. Daddy came in first while elder brother came in second. Heh. So, now I'm really sleepy and I think I should head to bed now because I have FYP meeting tomorrow with my supervisor at 10am!

Oh, I shall wish again..
Happy Birthday to Dearest Mummy, Nenek Munah and Abg Azman! May all of you be blessed with good things in life!

With that, goodnight lovelies! Sweet dreams.
A screwed mind
Saturday, December 11, 2010

I'm glad December treating me better than November did. School's been going fine and I just can't wait for everything to end by late February. The next two months is not going to be easy, but I have to keep telling myself that it's all gonna be worth while.

Today marks my 29th monthsary with boyfriend. We didn't really celebrate because we both had our plans but we did met up a while ago for dinner at Qiji, Marina Square. I miss him terribly.. Anyways, Happy 29th Monthsary, Darling! It's been great loving you since day one. More to come, Insya'Allah.

Moving on, things at home has been pretty fine too. Not much issues at home. Just that I seemed to not have anything much to say nowadays. I don't know, maybe it's just the time of the month or something?

I've been thinking to myself a lot lately. Figuring out how I should live my life after graduating from RP. If anyone would ask me right now, on what are my plans after graduating, I bet you'll hear me say, I really don't know.

Initial intention is to do further studies either locally or overseas. But, like always, money has always been an issue. Thinking about money makes me take a step back and reflect. I have a lot of things to pay for. Well, I need to repay the DBS for the study loan I took from them every month. I need to pay my long overdue bills. I need to help the family out. I need to help myself out.

Now tell me, how can I even think of furthering my studies? I even thought of having a full time job and at the same time taking a part time degree course in SIM, and it ain't cheap yo. Also, I can foresee myself not being able to multi-task those two well. So, how?? What should I do now?

And if I were to make a decision to start my working life, then what career should I embark on? Something related to Supply Chain/Logistics or something of my interest like Education? There you have it, the things that I've always been thinking every single day, without fail.

Nothing in life has been easy so far. Especially in terms of financial. Oh and don't forget, I've got no freedom too. Not totally freedom-less, but more or less, I have curfews to abide to. Yes, at my age. One of the saddest truth in life, my life to be precise.

All this shits always come to me the moment I'm on my bed, or whenever I'm alone. I don't know about you, but if you are not experiencing what I am currently experiencing, then lucky you.
Till here, goodnight.

If in any case, my status or my blog entries seems to be all emo shits and it makes you wonder and at the same time, pisses you off or anything, I can only say..
I'm sorry but that's one of the saddest truth in life, my life.

Why November, Why!
Saturday, November 20, 2010

November hasn't been good to me since it came along. I've never felt so much pressure on me like this before. It's like everything you do doesn't feel just right, you aren't performing at your best when you think you did, you've got a lot of things need to be done, but you've got so little time and it goes on and on.

Modules this semester are kinda hard. I don't know if I could get through this well. I don't want to give up so easily, but it's really taking a toll on me. I'm tired, really. Ever since the semester starts, the moment I reached home, I just feel like going to bed straight. I did my revision every now and then because I need that sense of satisfaction which I seemed to lack nowadays when I'm in school learning new things.

Ahh, you know what I think I should stop all this emo shits here lest you readers gonna get really bored with me, and my life.

On a high note, I just came back from NYP actually. There's this Malay event going on, something like a musical drama which I find it to be really, really amazing!! Omg, I swear I really laughed a lot watching all those funny jokes, yet still have that touching feel to it during certain parts. I honestly applaud them for being so creative and I definitely enjoyed myself in which I think everyone in the theatre agrees with me.

Pity mister boyfriend has to rush off to work. I know he's tired, but just stay strong baby. It's all for the good. You know I love you so much and I really don't mind having to go home by myself even though I was a little sad, heh. I was sad because we were both so engrossed with the show that we don't spend much on talking. But I still love you all the same and we shall meet tomorrow.

Anyways, I was actually in the midst of studying for my close-book Project Management module test which falls on next Friday. I have to get my mind ready to absorb information, so I shall get going now. Sorry if this post is really emo-shitzz at the beginning and wordy. Heh.

Goodnight, readers.
Goodnight, mister boyfriend. Iloveyou, sweetheart. Thank you for always being there for me.

I detest people who find fault with others just because they want to start a conversation with you or something, but in actual fact, they are the ones who's at fault for being so annoying and busybody. Tsk!
Dearest Boyfriend 22nd Surprise Birthday Party!
Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm super grateful that boyfriend's birthday suprise was a success!! Well, I've had it all planned out nicely with the help of my girls, Asykin, Roz and Afiqah about 2 weeks in advance. I was pretty glad actually to see almost all the guests I've invited seated there, though about 4 couldn't make it at the very last minute.

Nevertheless, I was glad everything went smoothly. Boyfriend told me he didn't expect it at all and it felt like a dream. Heh, I'm pretty proud of myself actually. I love my boyfriend so much, so I guess that itself explains all the planning I went through.

Definitely, I have to thank quite a few people for the success of the party. Boyfriend's sister, Kak Adibah and family, my girls, Wanna'B Cafe and all the people that made it happened. It was definitely amazing and I hope boyfriend enjoyed his surprise birthday party.

Oh, if you want to know, I absolutely love the birthday song part where boyfriend was given a party hat and the cake came and we saw both our picture on it. Also, the part where the video Sykin helped me out with was played on the screen. I myself finds it pretty romantic actually. Lol. And I saw boyfriend's teary eyes which then saddened me a little. Tears of joy here? Heh.

Overall, it was definitely one of the nicest thing I've done so far for my dearest boyfriend. More to come, and definitely a rather much spectacular planning needed! By the way, dear I hope you are not angry with all the "white lies" I have to give because I really am trying my best to keep this party a surprised one for you baby. Love you!

So, here you go with the pictures. More photos up on Facebook!

Oh, thank you Kak Dibah for the belated birthday present. Didn't know you know I love polaroids, or is it because it was too obvious when the other time I got so excited seeing one? Lol. Anyways, absolutely love the present and we shall take a photo together!

So that's all for now, will update anytime soon!

Goodnight lovelies!

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